Fall After School Programs

Sept 13th - November 12th


Although the schools have not been definite it seems we can possibly go back to our usual format.   We will provide transportation to the program from your school and back home to your door. The programs will be held on Randall's Island!  Pick up will be at dismissal time for your school. Program will run from 3:30 to 5:00. Drop off time will be according to your location as we will run the routes from North to South.  Our program is Multi-Sport. We play Baseball, Soccer, Flag Football and some Dodgeball for fun!  

We will also continue to offer group walk-in programs in Central Park for those that are not comfortable with being transported to Randall's Island on our buses or if busing is not a possibility in the Fall due to the Pandemic.

If you have a particular request about a group program please email us so we can work with you on making it happen.

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